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Welcome to Graham Hobster's Home Page.   

As a freelance photographer, enthusiastic biologist and retired teacher, you will find that the site has many photographs. To save download time these are shown as thumbnails which then allow the full file to be downloaded if you wish. I try to update the site regularly so please be patient if some of the links are not active yet - I am working on them !!

You will quickly discover that I love to travel the world with my camera. Prints of my photos are available for purchase - just contact me by email for details and prices.

Use the titles on the left to wander through my site. Comments are always welcome.


  My Jordan images are at last online    


I have just returned from a fabulous trip to Brazil,visiting Iguaçu Falls, Rio de Janeiro and the Amazonian rain forest. My photos and notes are now available, with people, places, plants and animals.

Click on Corcovado for Rio & Santos

Click on the Toucan for Amazonia

Click on the Falls for Iguaçu



Don't just sit there - go and buy a copy of my first book - produced in collaboration with Günter Endres.

Buy it at this site Crowood Press

It is also available in Waterstones and some branches of W.H.Smith.

Two further books in preparation.
Watch this space for details !