Extracts from the diary of Paul Makepeace  
Wednesday, August 2, 1961

We had to be at the Chesterfield Midland Station at 8.30am, to leave on the 8:53, being seen off by several parents. We arrived at St. Pancras at 11:45
after calling at Leicester, Wellingborough and Luton.

We had lunch at St. Pancras and then travelled to London Airport (it wasn't called Heathrow then) by coach arriving at 1:30. We sat watching the planes until 2:30 .
Our flight, 92A was called and we were taken to it by coach. It was a Cunard Eagle Airways Viking, taking off at 3:10. Captain Pope announced that we were flying at 8000ft. and the only bit of land that we could identify through the clouds was Newcastle. We were allowed into the Captain's cabin, two at a time.

We landed at Stavanger at 7:36 local time (6:24 BST). We were taken to the Youth Hostel by coach where we had a meal of soup, cold meat and milk. We went out for a walk and went to bed at 10:30.
Thursday, August 3, 1961  
Seems to have been a free day for us all as I went walking around the shops and docks with a couple of friends - Windle and Kay.
There was a British Frigate and Submarine in the harbour.
After lunch we went swimming and early evening went on the Clipper along the Lyse Fjord to the Pulpit Rock. Evening dinner was at 9pm.
Friday, 4 August, 1961  
Went on a deep sea fishing cruise from Tananger to a lobster park. The sea was "choppy". I have not recorded whether anything was caught. And to be quite honest I cannot remember anything about it. We also visited a
lighthouse.After evening dinner, we played football.
Saturday, 5 August, 1961  
Went to the swimming baths in the morning, but they were closed! Walked around Stavanger until the afternoon when we went on another trip on the Clipper along the Fjord to Utstein Monastry.The roof can be seen just above the trees  
Sunday 6 August 1961  
After breakfast some of the party went to the Stavanger Cathedral for Communion. The service was in Norwegian (what else?) and lasted one and a half hours. The wine, which tasted like raspberry vinegar was given to us in a little silver cup.
After lunch we went by bus to the Solastrand beach. It was windy and cold so we played football. We then went to the football match at the Stavanger Stadium for the game between Stavanger Viking and Haugesund which Haugesund won 3-1. We then went back to the hostel for evening meal.
Monday 7 August 1961  
The morning was spent in Stavanger around the harbour and town, and in the afternoon we went on a sight seeing tour along the Lyse Fjord by bus. I note that the road was dangerous with cliffs on one side and a steep drop into the fjord on the other.After evening meal I went fishing in the harbour with Peter Kay.  
Tuesday, 8 August, 1961  
We were woken at 7:15 by Mr. Parkin, and after an early breakfast we packed our cases and left them in a baggage room in Stavanger (This may have been in
the hostel). We were only allowed to take our toilet bags and "other essentials "(!)

We had a bus to Stavanger docks where we boarded a boat down the Fjord. We docked at 10:30 and caught another bus which took us to a mountain hut at Prekestrol. We explored a bit and then had lunch. The meal was hot and better than that at the other hostel.

In the afternoon a few of us went to the Pulpit Rock,
the walk took almost four hours, there and back. It was rocky in parts and boggy in others. Mr. Young went ploughing into a bog and threatened to deal with the people who laughed.
On the way back I grazed my leg when it got trapped between two rocks. Dave Moore took rather an unexpected paddle when he went knee keep in water.

We arrived back at the hostel at 6:00 and had a very cold shower. We then had dinner which was also very filling. After dinner some went out on the lake in a motor boat. Went to bed at 10:45.
Wednesday, August 9, 1961  
After breakfast we had to walk through the boggy moorland to catch the bus at 10:00.
The sea journey back to Stavanger was choppy, arriving at 12 noon. We were to meet at the Atlantic Hotel at 1:00 where we had a very nice lunch.
We had free time in the afternoon until meeting at the Mosvangan Youth Hostel at 3:30, to get changed (presumably into school uniform) and collect our cases.

At 6:00 we got on a bus to take us to Sola Airport. We arrived at 7:00 and sat down to wait. Our plane was due to take off at 8:30. At 7:30 we were told that the aircraft would not take off until 9:10. We all went to the restaurant, then played cards and ate some sandwiches. At 10:30
we were told to go to the departure lounge.
We eventually took off at 11:35, and were served a meal at midnight.
Thursday, August 10, 1961  
The flight back to London was on a Douglas DC6, with Captain Stephenson and stewardess Miss Caldicott. We were travelling at 190mph at 8000ft, the outside temperature was -2deg. At about 2:00am we could see London, lit up (like Pulpit Rock this is also an image that has stayed in my mind over the years).

We landed safely at 2:15 and were taken to a lounge by bus. The chief customs inspector came to us and asked us about our luggage, and then we boarded another bus which whisked us through London to St. Pancras.
We boarded the train at 4:00am.

Whilst we were waiting, Mr. Pollard told us the reason why we were held up. Our plane was believed lost over the North Sea with 34 schoolboys on.

The train left St. Pancras at 4:30am and at the first
stop - Wellingborough - we all got off the train to buy newspapers. We changed trains at Derby and eventually arrived at Chesterfield at 8:40am to be greeted by several parents and the headmaster.

I went home on the bus by myself, and my mother told me that all the boys on the plane had been killed.

After breakfast, I went to bed and slept until 3:30.
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