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              Links to other sites that I find useful - maybe you will too !


Amazonat Eco-Lodge Brasil     Amazonia rain forest lodge - where I was based

Octopus Travel                         very good, reasonable hotels and tours

Swiss International Airlines       Can recommend them - value for money with excellent service

Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School - Ashbourne

Ashbourne Town                       Links to local organisations

World Weather Forecast             check the weather before you travel.     

Multimap                                            Road maps and street maps - most places in the world

Sky-Scanner                             Checks for cheapest air fares throught Europe

World Airports                           Useful details for all the worlds major airports

Today's Front Pages                 Read the front page of any newspaper in the world

How Stuff Works                       Explains how things work - in simple terms

Photoshop Tutorials                  Helps improve your Photoshop skills