Santa Cruz

August 1999

Panorama of Santa Cruz
Made by stitching 4 images together.

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The Highlands
Highlands18 Highlands20 Highlands23 Highlands28 Highlands33 Highlands34
  Our truck Leo investigates Karin easy to catch close up spot the tortoise
  Highlands39 Highlands48 Highlands49 Highlands5 Highlands50 Highlands7
  Graham & friend Leo in the centre Jurgen & Karin take tea pit crater Tortoise crossing pit crater
Charles Darwin Station Puerto Ayora6 Puerto Ayora10 Puerto Ayora9 Puerto Ayora17    
  Young tortoises Lonesome George Lonesome George      
  Puerto Ayora21 Puerto Ayora23 Puerto Ayora30 Puerto Ayora34    
Las Baches Puerto Ayora42 Puerto Ayora43 Puerto Ayora46 Puerto Ayora49 S-Cruz11  
  Dining Room Karin & Graham Groceries arrive closer view Jurgen  
  S-Cruz19 S-Cruz12 S-Cruz13 S-Cruz17 S-Cruz5  
  Posing Frigate bird Frigate bird Frigate bird Patricia  
  S-Cruz24 S-Cruz4 S-Cruz25 S-Cruz31 S-Cruz32  
  wet landing in the panga cactus cactus cactus  
  S-Cruz34 S-Cruz35 S-Cruz43 S-Cruz33 S-Cruz36  
  The beach The beach sunbathing iguana xerophyte pencil urchin  
  S-Cruz39 S-Cruz29 S-Cruz9 S-Cruz49 S-Cruz47  
  sally lightfoot crab pelican flamingoes flamingo
  S-Cruz55 S-Cruz56 S-Cruz59 S-Cruz28 S-Cruz63b
  iguana watching crab sally lightfoot TipTop crew