The building work to provide a single site school on the Green Road site began on July 20th 2001.

The photos below are an attempt to record the progress for past and present pupils ( and staff )
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Looking North from the school roof   Looking West from the school roof   From the Green Road looking North   From near the Technology Block looking East  
May2000   May 2000          
13th August 2001   13th August 2001   15th August 2001   16th August 2001  
22nd Aug 2001   22nd August 2001   3rd Sept 2001   26th Aug 2001  
October 3rd 2001       Sept 10th 2001    3rd Sept 2001  
October 3rd 2001       Sept 14th 2001   14th Sept 2001  
November 2nd   November 2nd   October 3rd 2001   Sept 26th 2001  
        Nov 12th   October 30th  
        Storm water buffer tank      
        Nov 12th   November 9th 2001  
        is unloaded and sited      
        Nov 12th   Nov 13  
Nov 27th - 2001



Car park and tennis courts   Canteen has gone, so have the 100 rooms   Fencing around the courts has been removed   "Bamber Land " being levelled for new courts  
13th Aug 2001   13th Aug 2001   13th Aug 2001   15th Aug 2001  
22nd Aug 2001   Nov 13   26th Aug 2001   26th Aug 2001  
31st Aug 2001   Nov 30 - 2001       3rd Sept 2001  
14 September 2001   Nov 30th - 2001       Nov 13  


Foundations being prepared for the new teaching block   Nov 13th - 2001   Nov 13th - 2001   Nov 13th  
22nd Aug 2001              
October 3rd 2001